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ABOUT THE Islamic studies COURSE

Islamic Studies refers to studying Islam in-depth. All Islamic knowledge and courses are categorized as Islamic Studies.

It covers many branches, ranging from Islamic History to Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Moreover, issues like Marriage, Divorce, and Relationships e.t.c, all are thoroughly discussed in the light of the Quran, the DO’s and DON’Ts are made clear.

The basics of Islam, the pillars of Islam, the right way to offer Namaz, hajj, the importance of Zakat, and so on are also elaborated in Islamic studies.

Islamic Studies is essential to connect one to the basics of Islam. We may born Muslims, but little do we know about the religion we follow.
We never really fully understand the religion our forefathers followed, and now we do, we are not even familiar with the basics.

Do you recall your childhood’s Islamic Studies content? Now is the time to revisit it, and grasp more concepts with a better understanding.

WHY TAKING THE Islamic studies COURSE?

We, at Quran Ayat, offer an “Islamic Studies” course for both kids and adults. Age-appropriate levels of the course are taught by our most skilled teachers approved by Al-Azhar University.

Our qualified islamic tutors will help you to understand Islam religion, get familiar with the important events and historical figures,.

and to learn about the sufferings of early Muslims and the evolution of Islam over the years.

You’ll know all the things important that we should know to be Muslims. Being a Muslim, we should know our role model Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

How are we to make him our role model, when we haven’t read his biography?

We need to know about his life to be able to take inspiration from it.

Therefore, all Muslims need to learn about Islam under courses like Islamic Studies.

Moreover, under Islamic History, you get to learn about different events in history, the wars, and peace treaties.

All the other details and contributors that would help us in today’s world to overcome the current problems.

Learning about the economic conditions in the past and the strategies adopted by the Prophets to boost economies can be revisited and used.

Furthermore, all the issues that Islam addresses can also be learned under Islamic Studies.

Basics like the pillars of Islam and Islam teachings about humanity can be learned.

Lastly, other important daily life issues like the rules and limitations of Marriage and Divorce and other matters that are specified in the Quran .

also followed by our prophets through their lifestyles in also studied under Islamic Studies.

This will shed more light on these topics, and we can apply the correct knowledge in our current daily life instances.

So, get yourself registered for the “Islamic Studies” course and gain your path to Jannah (Heaven).

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in the Islamic studies course?

  • How to perform ablution and prayer
  • The decencies of mosque entry and performance of the acts of worship
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • Divinity, monotheism, and creed
  • (Hanafi & Maliki) Fiqh from Al-Ikhtiar(The Choice) book and Al-Muwatta book for Malik Ibn Anas
  • Prophetic Tradition(Hadith) from the most famous books, i.e. the Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths
  • Meanings and connotations of the Holy Quran from the most renowned Quran interpretation books
  • Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


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