Learn Quran Online : Advantages VS Disadvantages

Learn Quran Online Advantage VS Disadvantages - Quran Ayat

why should we learn Quran online this day?

Learning Quran is an obligation for all Muslims in the world. It’s the book of Allah and the miracle of Islam which guarantees success in this life and hereafter.

Every Muslim has the right to learn Quran in the most effective approach. Typically, through Mosque or Islamic School/Center because it’ll be under the guidance of a teacher or scholar who has complete expertise in Arabic and the Holy Quran. Yet, not all countries, especially non-Arabic speaking ones, have convenient access to a mosque or Islamic school to learn Quran on a regular basis. So, there has to be an alternative method of learning Quran effectively.

Technology figured it out and made it easy for Muslims around the world to learn Quran online. Through the internet and your device (PC – Laptop – Smartphone – Tablet), you can visit any online Quran courses website and attend online Quran classes for both kids & adults.

The idea of learning the Quran at home is what made this technique very popular. However, as with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages of online Quran education.

Advantages of Learn Quran Online

There are so many benefits of learning Quran online for both kids & parents.

1. Convenience & Ease of Access

Of course, it’s the most important feature of E-learning. As most people have numerous work/family/education commitments that cannot be delayed, it makes it much more difficult for them to visit a physical center or Mousqe to learn Quran on a regular basis.

So, studying the Quran online is the best solution for them. It eliminates the obstacles of time & space; as they have the opportunity to schedule classes based on their daily commitments and attend those classes anywhere using any device.

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2. Cost-Effective

It is not necessary for people to pay a lot of money to learn Quran. Compared to other methods, learning the Quran online is the cheapest. By nature, it removes the hassle of all operational costs that the Islamic School/center bears. Moreover, there are a lot of websites that provide various pricing packages to choose the most convenient for you.

3. Safety & Observation

Another great feature of online Quran learning, especially learning Quran for kids, is safety. Learning at home helps to avoid road risks that could result from sending your kids out to a Mosque or Islamic school. Besides, it avails the opportunity to observe your kids during sessions and control what they are learning.

4. Educational Materials

What makes online learning useful is the ease of access to many educational materials to enrich your mind, soul, and life in general. Platforms usually have extensive information about Islam, Quran, hadiths, surahs, daily life, and challenges of every Muslim.

5. Quality of Tutors

Unlike traditional learning, you are not restricted to Quran tutors near you. You can browse the internet and find highly-qualified tutors from around the world who are well-trained and experienced in teaching Quran online.
“The Better The Teacher, The Better The Student”

6. Flexibility & Customization

Learn Quran online in the form of one-to-one sessions makes the study much more flexible and customizable as per student’s needs and abilities. Quran tutors evaluate students’ abilities & knowledge, investigate their needs, and customize the Quran lessons accordingly.

7. Free Trial & Evaluation

Most of the Quran learning websites provide a free trial class to try and evaluate their courses & tutors. So, you don’t have to pay anything until you ensure the service quality.

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Disadvantages of Learn Quran Online

There are some disadvantages and cons of Online Quran learning which is confined to social interaction.

1. Little or No Face-to-face Interaction

One of the biggest disadvantages of studying online in general is the lack of social interaction. This is especially relevant for young undergraduates who should be making friends and having a great time. Yet, in case students already go to school/university besides learning the Quran online, there is no problem at all.

2. Missing The Competition with Other Students

In online learning, especially one-to-one sessions type, the student misses one of the most motivational elements to study and excellence, which is the competition with other students. Yet, there are many online Quran schools that establish competitions between students to push them towards excelling in learning the Quran. Moreover, they provide various techniques to make the study fun and challenging.


There are a lot of people, who are looking forward to learning the Quran from websites from time to time. Learning Quran online has been a popular pick for most people from different parts of the world, as it helps them to learn in a convenient way.

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