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Noorani Qaida - Quran Ayat

what is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida course is a foundational course for learning the Arabic language and pronunciation of the Holy Quran. It serves as a guide for beginners, providing them with a systematic approach to understanding the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation rules, and basic vocabulary.

Noorani Qaida course is widely used in Islamic schools and institutions to teach children and adults the fundamental rules of reading Arabic and reciting the Quran accurately. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and step-by-step approach, making it accessible to learners of all ages and educational backgrounds.

The “Noorani Qaida course” it’s a book was compiled by Sheikh Noor Muhammed Haqqani from India, and was named after him “Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah”

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Course Features

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About Noorani Qaieda Course

The book begins with an introduction to the Arabic alphabet, teaching the shapes and sounds of each letter. It also covers the different forms of Arabic letters, depending on their placement in a word. Noorani Qaida course

utilizes a color-coded system to help learners identify and differentiate between similar-looking letters.

By following the exercises and practicing the pronunciation of each letter, students gradually develop fluency in reading and recognizing Arabic script.

Noorani Qaida Page 2 - Lesson 1 - Quran Ayat
Noorani Qaida Page 2 – Lesson 1 – Quran Ayat

Additionally, Noorani Qaida course introduces the rules of pronunciation (Tajweed) that govern the proper recitation of the Quran.

It covers essential aspects such as elongation (madd), consonant blending (idgham), nasalization (ghunnah), and the attribution of letters (iqlaab, iqtidaa). By incorporating these rules into their reading, learners enhance their understanding and appreciation of the Quran’s spiritual and linguistic beauty.

Noorani Qaida course also provides exercises and drills to reinforce the lessons learned. This pedagogical approach ensures that students actively engage with the material and progress at their own pace.

Moreover, the book includes simple words, phrases, and sentences that are commonly found in the Quran, enabling learners to gradually build their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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Noorani Qaida course is a foundational tool for students of the Arabic language aiming to read and recite the Quran correctly.

Through its systematic and accessible approach, it equips learners with the necessary skills to understand Arabic script, pronunciation rules, and basic vocabulary.

With the help of Noorani Qaida course, students can develop a solid foundation for further study of the Quran and Islamic sciences.

Designed specifically for kids, it serves as a stepping stone towards learning the Quran.

Despite targeting a younger audience, Noorani Qaida course should not be underestimated in terms of its educational value and significance.

Even college students can benefit from engaging with this learning tool as it provides a strong foundation for understanding the Arabic language and its phonetic rules.

One of the key features that make Noorani Qaida suitable for college students is its systematic approach.

It thoroughly covers the pronunciation and proper articulation of each Arabic letter, allowing learners to grasp the correct sounds with ease.

Furthermore, this learning guide incorporates multiple exercises and drills that reinforce understanding and retention of the alphabets.

By systematically progressing through these exercises, college students can enhance their phonetic skills and strengthen their grasp of the Arabic language, even if they are beginners.

Another advantage of Noorani Qaida is its simplicity.

It breaks down complex Arabic alphabets and phonetic rules into manageable units, making it accessible to learners of all ages, including college students.

With its clear illustrations and concise explanations, Noorani Qaida eliminates any confusion or ambiguity, enabling students to comprehend the material effectively.

This simplicity of design enables college students to learn at their own pace and build a strong foundation in Arabic phonetics, without feeling overwhelmed or disheartened.

Moreover, Noorani Qaida is not limited to the recitation of Arabic alphabets alone; it also focuses on combining letters to form words, and then progressing to sentences.

This comprehensive approach provides college students with an opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills alongside their spoken skills.

By learning to read and write Arabic script, college students can engage with a wide variety of Arabic texts, including sacred religious texts, historical documents, and modern literature.

This opens up a multitude of academic and intellectual opportunities for students to explore beyond their college curriculum.

In conclusion, Noorani Qaida, initially designed for children, possesses immense educational value that extends beyond its target audience.

College students stand to benefit greatly from this easy-to-understand learning guide, which introduces them to the Arabic alphabet and its phonetic rules in a systematic and comprehensive way.

By engaging with Noorani Qaida, college students can lay a solid foundation for their Arabic language skills, enabling them to confidently interact with a wide range of Arabic texts and enrich their academic and personal growth.


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Why Should You Learn Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is an essential tool for individuals who wish to learn how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation and recitation.

Regardless of one’s age or level of expertise, learning Noorani Qaida provides a solid foundation in Arabic phonetics and rules of Tajweed, ensuring a deeper understanding and connection with the divine text.

This essay aims to shed light on the significance of learning Noorani Qaida, especially for young students who seek to enhance their spiritual journey and academic pursuits.

Firstly, learning Noorani Qaida enables college/young students to connect with their religious identity and deepen their understanding of Islam

The Quran, as the central religious text of Islam, holds immense spiritual significance for believers. By learning Noorani Qaida, students can grasp the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and words, which is crucial for reciting the Quran accurately.

This not only enhances their prayers, but also fosters a stronger bond with their faith, allowing for a more profound spiritual experience.

Moreover, acquiring knowledge of Noorani Qaida can also have practical benefits for college students. The ability to read Arabic proficiently can be advantageous for those pursuing Islamic studies or related courses.

Many academic programs require the study of religious texts, including the Quran, and possessing a solid foundation in Noorani Qaida significantly aids comprehension.

Moreover, students with strong Arabic reading skills tend to perform better in subjects such as Islamic history, theology, and philosophy, as they can directly engage with primary sources in their entirety, rather than relying solely on translations.

Furthermore, learning Noorani Qaida promotes discipline and patience among college students.

The study of Noorani Qaida involves repeated practice and focuses on fine details, such as the different sounds each Arabic letter makes. Mastering these intricate aspects requires dedication, concentration, and perseverance.

By engaging in this process, students develop a sense of discipline that can be applied to other aspects of academic and personal life. This discipline builds resilience and work ethic, serving as invaluable qualities that contribute to success in college and beyond.

Ultimately, learning Noorani Qaida is crucial for college students seeking intellectual, spiritual, and practical growth.

It not only deepens their understanding and connection with the Quran, but also equips them with foundational Arabic reading skills that can enhance their academic pursuits.

Moreover, the discipline and patience cultivated through this process can prove to be invaluable assets throughout their college journey and future endeavors.

As a college student, taking the time and effort to learn Noorani Qaida will undoubtedly yield numerous benefits, aligning academic achievements with personal and spiritual fulfillment.

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Noorani Qaida Course Outcome

The Noorani Qaida course, a fundamental step for individuals seeking to learn the Arabic language and read the holy Quran, has many beneficial outcomes.

This course primarily focuses on enhancing the student’s pronunciation and reading abilities. The first and most crucial outcome of completing the Noorani Qaida course is the mastery of Arabic letters, phonetics, and pronunciation, which are essential for understanding and properly reciting the Quran.

By understanding these basics, students can confidently approach more advanced Arabic courses and delve deeper into Islamic studies.

The second outcome of this course is improved reading comprehension skills. Noorani Qaida emphasizes building a strong foundation by teaching students to recognize and read words and sentences fluently.

Through consistent practice, students develop their ability to comprehend Arabic texts, which is indispensable for understanding the messages conveyed in the Quran.

This enhanced comprehension allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the divine teachings and derive wisdom from their reading.

Additionally, improved reading comprehension skills acquired through the Noorani Qaida course extend beyond the Quran and can be applied to other Arabic texts in various fields of study.

Another significant outcome of the Noorani Qaida course is the development of a connection with the Arabic language and the Quranic verses.

As students progress through the course, they begin to feel a stronger connection to the words and meanings of the scriptures.

This connection serves as a spiritual bonding experience for many, allowing them to engage more profoundly with the content of the Quran.

The Noorani Qaida course is often seen as the first step towards developing a sincere and lasting relationship with the holy book.

Lastly, this course equips students with the ability to recite the verses of the Quran with proper Tajweed (rules of pronunciation).

Tajweed refers to the specific rules and principles that govern the correct pronunciation of Arabic words and their proper intonation, making the recitation more melodious and pleasing to the ears.

The Noorani Qaida course aims to gradually introduce students to Tajweed and provide them with the tools necessary to recite the Quran correctly.

By mastering Tajweed, students can recite the Quran in a manner that adheres to the original form and preserves the beauty and eloquence of the divine words.

In conclusion, the Noorani Qaida course offers numerous valuable outcomes for college students and learners of the Arabic language.

From mastering Arabic letters and phonetics to improving reading comprehension skills, students gain a solid foundation in Arabic language proficiency.

This course also strengthens their connection to the Quran and allows them to recite its verses with proper Tajweed.

Ultimately, completing the Noorani Qaida course equips students with the skills necessary to embark on a journey of deeper understanding and appreciation of the holy Quran and its message.

Features of Noorani Qaieda Course

Our online Quran classes have distinct characteristics that set us apart from others:

    • We offer Quran classes with 24/7 availability, allowing you to learn Noorani Qaida at your convenience, even if you have a busy schedule due to work or running a business.
    • Upon completing the course, you will receive a Noorani Qaida certificate, which will be signed and stamped by the supervisor and teacher.
    • To ensure that the course is exceptional and free of errors, we provide a report card every two weeks that includes a detailed summary of the student’s progress. 
    • We  provide quizzes, and you will have your own account to take them and improve your Quran reciting skills.
    • For your extraordinary learning experience, we arrange practice tests of reading in front of expert Teacher who will evaluate your Reading  and provide tips to perfect it.
  • We have carefully selected the most proficient Quran and Arabic tutors to help you master the art of reading the Quran and Arabic .
  • They are native Arabic speakers and have an innate ability to teach Arabic with an exceptional accent.
  • Both male & female Quran recitation teachers are proficient in English, delivering lessons with clarity and confidence, which enables them to cater to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • We offer affordable Quran classes online, with rates set at a minimum to allow us to reach out to as many users as possible.
  • If you wish to enroll your family members together, we offer discounts to make it possible for you to learn to recite the Quran online with your loved ones. Simply use our family discount coupon.

What You'll Learn in Noorani Qaieda Course

Expert Arabic and Quran teachers at Quran Ayat Institute have prepared the following ideal syllabus to learn to read Quran online fast & easy:

In the Noorani Qaieda Course, students will embark on a comprehensive journey into the fundamentals of Arabic pronunciation and reading.

This course is carefully designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in Tajweed, ensuring that they articulate each letter correctly and understand its proper articulation points.

Through rigorous practice and guidance from qualified instructors, students will become proficient in recognizing different Arabic letters and vowels, ultimately enabling them to read Quranic verses fluently and confidently. Additionally, this course delves into essential rules of recitation such as elongation (madd), merging (idgham), and pausing (waqf) to enhance students’ understanding of proper Quranic recitation. By enrolling in the Noorani Qaieda Course, individuals are equipped with invaluable knowledge that paves the way for a deeper connection with the Holy Quran through accurate pronunciation and meaningful recitation.


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FAQs about Noorani Qaieda

How do I learn to read Noorani Qaieda?

You can start learning to Noorani Qaieda online at Quran Ayat Institute easily in just 3 steps:

  1. Book Free Trial Class – Fill in the needful data, so that the assigned tutor could contact you and confirm the appointment your selected for the first session.
  2. Confirm Selected Appointment – Once you submit your free trial request, education consultant from Quran Ayat will contact you within 24Hrs via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp to confirm appointment and further details.
  3. Download Zoom or Skype & Start Learning – Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the class at the scheduled appointment.


Many scholars believe you can learn to recite Quran in 60 days should give a beginner an opportunity to study the Noorani Qaieda.

The time needed to complete each lesson may vary depending on the individual. The learning of the Noorani Qaieda and the memory of it is different.

There are some steps that you can utilize to recite Quran better:

  1. Practice on reading Noorani Qaieda again & again in every time possible..
  2. try to read short Arabic stories .
  3. Repeat every letter and every word a few times before you move on to the next.

Our Noorani Qaida course is specifically designed for beginners, providing step-by-step lessons and exercises to help you learn how to read and recite the Holy Quran.

The course starts with teaching the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation rules, ensuring a strong foundation for understanding the Quran.

With easy-to-follow instructions and interactive activities, our course makes learning the Noorani Qaida enjoyable and effective.

Plus, our team of experienced instructors are always available to provide guidance and support throughout your learning journey.

By following our comprehensive course, you will soon be able to confidently read the Noorani Qaida and take your first steps towards mastering the beautiful language of Arabic and understanding the words of Allah.


Course Features

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