Quran Ayat Institute: Trusted by Hundreds of Muslim Students & Parents

Khadijah Bah (Student at Quran Ayat)

My daughter has been taking classes with different people but the biggest impact I noticed on her was with Sheikh Adel from Quran Ayat Institute. She is becoming a very confident reader who wants to learn more everyday. She looks forward to her classes and even asks for more Mashallah. Sheikh Adel with Quran Ayat is absolutely amazing and experienced teacher.

Khadijah Bah / USA
Ayaz Ahmed (Student at Quran Ayat)

Alhamdulillah, its been more than 4 months now with Quran Ayat Institute and my both kids start reading Quran, Alhamdulillah we are very much satisfied and happy with Quran Ayat Institute and them teachers. God bless all of you.

Ayaz Ahmed / USA
Niquab Woman Avatar

Sister Marwa is very Good teacher She has taught me over 20 surahs and rules of Arabic and have only been with her for 6 months She is amazing MashAllah and I will continue to learn with her until we stop. She is a good tutor for checking my mistakes and pushes me hard which makes me learn a lot of the Quran MashAllah.

Fatimah Othman / AUSTRALIA
Ibrahim Ahmed (Student at Quran Ayat)

Quran Ayat online institute is an excellent portal for those who wish to learn Quran and Arabic. It has multi facet learning support by their dedicated Tutors who r highly qualified, experienced and friendly.

Ibrahim Ahmed / USA
Man Praying

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Wasim Yousof / UK
Ahmed Adel (Student) at Quran Ayat

Quran Ayat Institute MashaAllah it’s excellent institute they haveVery good teachers, Clear Explanation and recitation. Very good communication in English. EXCELLENT command of English which makes learning/teaching effective. Great understanding of Qur’an. Multiple time-availabilities as well as technical skill to help debug and navigate any issues that come up with the online institute .Would strongly recommend.

Ahmed Adel / UK