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Tafseer Quran Course - Quran Ayat

Learn Quran Tafseer online with the best Quran teachers & scholars who graduated from Al-Azhar university and other top Islamic universities across the globe. This course (Quran Tafseer) is the PERFECT choice to learn Quran meaning and interpreter Quranic verses for both kids & adults. Utilizing technology, experience, and knowledge, our authentic Quran scholars will walk with your or your kids step-by-step to understand the Quran and get deeply involved in learning the Quran & Islam teachings.

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About Online Quran Tafseer Course

“Tafseer Quran” or “Tafsir Quran” refers to in-depth explanation, interpretation, and translation to the verses (ayat) and surahs of the Quran, clarifying when and why each verse/surah was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Tafseer/Tafsir is an advanced science of the Quran uses a compilation of other sciences such as linguistics, Fiqh, hadith, and theology to understand the meaning of the Quran and commands sent by Allah almighty to us.

Quran Tafseer Course at Quran Ayat Institute will help you or your children to learn tafsir Quran online through one-to-one live classes with highly-qualified Quran scholars.

What makes the Tafsir Quran course by Quran Ayat unique is that it’s totally customizable as per student’s age, goals, and knowledge. Both kids & adults, males & females, can take this course to learn Tafseer online with a professional tutor (male/female) safely in the comfort of their own home.

Learn Quran Tafseer Online - Quran Ayat

Our specialized Quran teachers will interview with the student or his/her parent(s) on the free trial class to determine the student’s needs & potentials, then deciding on the needful curriculum and mode of learning.

For example, kids at a young age can learn Tafseer of short yet important surahs to understand family values and basic beliefs and responsibilities of being a Muslim. Also, the mode of learning will be more interactive and joyful to instill the love of the Quran in our kids’ hearts.

Although our special Tafseer Quran online course suits any age or gender. Yet, if you or your kids don’t know how to read the Quran, we highly recommend that you obtain Quran reading and Quran recitation courses before diving into Quran Tafseer.

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Why Learn Tafseer Quran

The Quran is The Treasure, Tafseer is its key.

Do you want to learn Quran with understanding?

Do you feel sometimes contradiction in some verses of the Quran and can’t interpret it?

Do you want to know the hidden meanings and messages of Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran? You can learn all of this and more through the best online Tafseer Quran classes at Quran Ayat.

Tafseer Quran is very important to interpret the words of Allah (SWT). Without a clear explanation of the verses & surahs of the Quran, there would be no right understanding of messages & commands of Allah almighty.

Since the right application of Islam is based on a proper understanding of the guidance from Allah (SWT). Therefore, to be true Muslims, we should strive to learn Tafseer Quran and teach it to our children as well.

At the end of this course, you will gain a true understanding of the Quran and the religion of Islam.

You will know the detailed history and context behind the revelation of the Quranic verses and surahs. In addition to the historical backgrounds and the great event that transpired in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Quran Tafseer Course Online - Quran Ayat

Benefits of Learning Quran Tafseer

There are many virtues that Muslim gains from interpreting words of Allah (SWT). Not to mention that the journey of learning Tafsir Quran itself is very rewarding.

Top benefits of learning Quran Tafseer are:

1. Perform Daily Practices (Salah) With Concentration and Humility

When an individual performs Salah multiple times a day, there are odds of not being exact or correct. He likewise may get occupied with numerous considerations of his interests, plans, and problems that are running through his mind.

This can be avoided when the individual is aware of the importance and meaning of each verse that he recites in his petition. This would not only assist the individual to have khushoo and khuzoo in his supplication but he will have developed a solid bond between him and Allah. This is achievable when a person learns Tafsir.

2. Better Understanding of the Quran by Non-Arabic Individuals

Allah uses the clearest, smooth, and brief language in the Quran, and in doing so the importance and meaning are obvious to those individuals who know the Arabic language or descend from the Arabian dialect.

However, the Quran will not be as easy to understand by people who are not Arabic. For this purpose, the learning of Tafsir is necessary for all individuals of the Muslim Ummah.

3. Construct an Everlasting Bond with Our Creator

Closeness to Allah in the Quran has been focused on, on various occasions, and has made to mean various things in a similar way that Allah is with you consistently. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of meanings of the term closeness to Allah.

4. Explain the Accurate Meaning of the Words of the Quran

An individual can permit some time in his everyday life to peruse the Quran in Arabic. He can also focus on the importance and hidden meaning behind certain words/verses that Allah has used. He can read and learn Tafsir in whichever language he feels to comprehend it better. This will prove to be a successful method of applying the information in the Quran in one’s life.

5. Perfection of Character and Conduct of a Person

Throughout the Quran, Allah has utilized closeness to him as a path to achieve Jannah and to provide a solution for the considerable number of issues and torments of this flawed world. It is the complete and comprehensive guide to living life under Allah’s command.

What You'll Learn in Quran Tafseer Course

Expert Quran teachers at Quran Ayat Institute have prepared the following ideal syllabus to learn Quran Tafseer online fast & easy:

1. Introduction of Quran Tafseer

Definition of Tafseer and Types of Tafsir Quran.

2. Virtues of Quran

Importance of recitation & understanding, Comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures, Protection of Quran.

3. Order and editing of Quran

Order and editing of Quran in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqui and Usman (R.A)

4. Understanding Allah Almighty’s commands

Understanding of Allah Almighty’s commands (Ahkam) and how to apply them in real life.

5. Tafsir Ethics

Learn Usul Tafsir and its ethics.

6. Ilmul Blagah

Balagha, translated as Arabic rhetoric is the science of the Arabic language that teaches us how to articulate our thoughts in an appropriate and convincing way, given our circumstances and given who we are talking to.

7. Ahaadis of  The Prophet Muhammade (PBUH)

The role of Hadith in Tafseer QUran

8. Tafseer Surah Al-Fatiha

Learn Tafseer Surah Al-Fatiha

9. Tafseer Short Surahs

Learn Tafseer Short Surahs

10. Tafseer Medium Surahs

Learn Tafseer Medium Surahs

11. Tafseer Long Surahs

Learn Tafseer Long Surahs


Quran Tafseer Course Reviews

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Really It's #1 Quran Tafseer Course Online

November 5, 2022

I didn’t expect this level of professionalism when I subscribed to this course. Mashallah the teachers have a vast knowledge of Quran Tafseer and make it easy to students to understand the Quran verses meaning.

May Allah (SWT) bless all Quran Ayat’s teachers and supervisors.

Khadiga Fayed

FAQs about Learning Tafsir Quran

How do I learn Tafseer Quran?

You can start learning Quran Tafseer online at Quran Ayat Institute easily in just 3 steps:

  1. Book Free Trial Class – Fill in the needful data, so that the assigned tutor could contact you and confirm the appointment your selected for the first session.
  2. Confirm Selected Appointment – Once you submit your free trial request, education consultant from Quran Ayat will contact you within 24Hrs via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp to confirm appointment and further details.
  3. Download Zoom or Skype & Start Learning – Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the class at the scheduled appointment.


Quran Ayat Institute is the best platform to understand the Quran with a detailed translation. Quran Tafsir is a well-structured course that covers the translation of some of the main chapters of this Holy Book. In this course, you will be taught a complete tafseer of Quran.

Ma’alim al-Tanzil (Outline of the Revelation) by Al-Baghawi (died 510 AH/1116 CE) also known widely as Tafsir al-Baghawi — A popular tafsir amongst Sunni Muslims, it relies heavily on the Tafsir of al-Tha’labi, whilst placing more emphasis on hadith.

In terms of perspective and approach, tafsir can be broadly divided into two main categories, namely tafsir bi-al-ma’thur (lit. received tafsir), which is transmitted from the early days of Islam through the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his companions, and tafsir bi-al-ra’y (lit.

Learning Tafsir develops a bond in a believer’s heart with the creator far deeper than reading or memorizing the Quran does. It pushes one’s heart and mind closer towards the word of Allah and forces us to stay on a straight and righteous path.

The Principles of Tafsir refer to the systematic methodology in interpreting and gaining an understanding of the verses of the Holy Qur’an. Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an? The Quran is better understood through the sunnah (or actions and clarifications by the Prophet (saw))

tafsīr. tafsīr, (Arabic: “explanation,” “exegesis”) the science of explanation of the Qurʾān, the sacred scripture of Islam, or of Qurʾānic commentary.

Course Features

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#1 Quran Tafseer Course | TRY FREE | Quran Ayat
Tafseer Quran #1 Quran Tafseer Course | Quran Ayat

☪ Learn Quran Tafseer online with the best Quran teachers & scholars who graduated from Al-Azhar university and other top Islamic universities across the globe.

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Course Provider Name: Quran Ayat Institute

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