Learn Quran online from A to Z (Complete guide)

learn Quran online from A to z

Are you interested in learning how to learn Quran online from A to z, but not sure where to start? Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with the Arabic language, there are many resources and strategies that can help you learn to read the Quran effectively.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to learn Quran online from A to Z step by step.

Revivify your knowledge and understanding of Islam from Quran and Sunnah of Prophet PBUH and learn Quran Online for better comprehension and perception of life

Quran has mysterious and enchanting ways of attracting a person and open wonders and blessings of Almighty to him if only he is passionate to learn Quran. However, there has been a worrisome trend of not reading and understanding the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH)among Muslims.

Children in western countries are especially deprived of reading and learning Quran in a comprehensive manner. Many adults also do not understand the correct Tajweed of the Qur’anic verses.

For concerned parents whose children aren’t capable of reading and learning the Quran due to time restraints or living in a Western country where a teacher isn’t available to teach Quran, the best solution is to learn Quran online.

Quran can become a person’s best companion and guide in life. So take the steps to learn Quran online from A to Z as followed:


Step 1: Learn How to Read Arabic

Reading Arabic Course - Quran Ayat

You will find many qualified teachers in Quran Ayat Institute who can teach you about the Arabic grammar and pronunciation of the Arabic language.

In this regard, join online Quran classes where you can avail services of a tutor who will make sure that you learn the basics of the Arabic language first.

If you are a beginner, make sure that you learn Quran online from a qualified tutor.

The Online Quran classes must be based on the curriculum which teaches the linkage of the Arabic letters together and separated like Noor Albayan book or Noorani Qaieda book.

Noor Bayan OsraWay.com 1 Learn Quran online from A to Z (Complete guide) | Quran Ayat

Learn Noorani Qaida Online Fast Easy Quran Ayat Learn Quran online from A to Z (Complete guide) | Quran Ayat

You must learn the major Quran Phonetics, Arabic Alphabet and Diacritics, Letters Forms, Vowels, etc.

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Step 2: Learn Quran Recitation

Quran Recitation Course - QuranAyat.com

Once you have joined the Quran Ayat Institute to learn Quran online , they will set out a roadmap for you.

The next step after learning the Arabic language is the Quran recitation . You will need a skilful tutor who will teach you the Quran recitation.

You will be learning the correct pronunciation and The tutor will aid you in learning the correct Pronunciation of each word, Ways of Recitation, verse meanings, major features of Quranic writing, and then the reading of the Quran in a fluent manner.

Although you will be able to read Quran, your understanding of the text will still be limited.
You can further enhance your grip and fluency in recitation by taking courses that focus on Quran Phonetics, Arabic Alphabet and Diacritics, Letters Forms, Vowels, etc. Sukun, Shaddah, Madd – Lengthening, Shaddah with Tanween, Laam rules, and AlifulWasl rules while learning the recitation of the Quran and this is what we called it “tajweed course“.

Use paper and pen to write down the rules of Tajweed, it will allow you to learn in a more comprehensive manner and avoid mistakes. You can also take the records of the online lectures in order to assist yourself or your kid in understating the recitation in the right dialect and pronunciation.

Step 3: Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Quran Tajweed Course - QuranAyat.com

In order to learn Quran and understand it wholeheartedly, you will have to learn the Tajweed rules.

You can take Online Quran Classes with Quran Ayat Institute in order to learn the Tajweed, The tutor will help you in excelling at Quran recitation by learning Tajweed.

The rules of Tajweed are developed in order to allow a disciple to understand the words, how to pronounce them, when to prolong certain words, when to stop, etc.

The correct way to pronounce the letters in the words such as when a consonant letter is silent or not, etc. can only be learned through Tajweed.

Tajweed will allow you to learn Quran in a much better way, you will develop a better understanding of the verses with a better grip on Tajweed.

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You will learn the grammatical rules of pronouncing the Heavy and light letters, Sounds, Articulation, Characteristics to read the Quran, regulation of Noon Saakin and Tanween, Meem Saakin, Qalqala, Laam, Raa, and Madd, and stopping at end words as well as the qualities of the letters to read Quran in a perfect manner. Once you have developed fluency in the recitation of the Quran and further learned the meaning of the verses, you are all set to memorize the Quran.

You must carry out the revisions of the recitation 3-4 times every week in order to learn the right pronunciation.

Step 4: Learn Quran Memorization/Hifz

Quran Memorization Course - QuranAyat.com

Once you have learned how to recite Quran, you are all set to start the quran memorization course  as well.

You will need an online Quran tutor who must be a Certified Quran instructor.

Since you are already accustomed to the language, you can learn the verses word by word with meaning in order to learn quickly.

First, read the full Ayah and then keep on repeating the words again and again until you learn it.

In order to learn Quran online your tutor will have to make sure that a daily test is taken from you while you learn new verses each day.

Revise daily and make sure that you have memorized the verses completely. Don’t jump on the next surah or verse without learning the last one.


No matter if you are a converted Muslim or a young kid who needs to begin learning Quran, these steps for Online Quran Classes offered by our Quran School will be to your rescue.

For anyone who is in need of a Quran tutor, learning Quran online is the best way forward.

You can learn it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace and safely.

Our advisor team is bringing you a list of the best 15 online Quran classes providers, including the pricing, general features, student reviews, and analysis; to make your decision a lot easier.

It is the world of technology. While it has enlightened Muslims around the globe with movies, media, and cultural integration, it has also allowed them to explore the domains of religious learning and teaching using modern tools.

Use these modern online tools and indulge in the divine message of Allah and Prophet PBUH by learning the Quran.

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